Head To Fio's New Bar For Great Cocktails, Infusions & A Dandy Time

    What Makes It Awesome

    Dandy, Fio Cookhouse and Bar's new bar is going to make anyone that's always on the lookout for fabulous, well-mixed cocktails, VERY happy. If you've been for looking a nice, relaxed bar to grab a drink at with the right kind of atmosphere for a conversation (without being dead boring), this place gets that vibe exactly right. What I really liked about Dandy (apart from the dim-but-not-dingy lighting and the filling-but-not-loud music) was the intimacy of the space. It's not overly large or terribly cramped—a medium-sized group will be fairly happy here. That, and naturally their brilliant cocktails. As a long-time sugar junkie, I felt that their Mezcal Swizzle (a tequila cocktail) was absolutely perfect; sweet enough for me to like it, but not so sweet that a normal human would be repelled (and gave me just the lightest, loveliest buzz). The Hey Juniper! was also a great drink—a touch strong, but delicious (and very Instagrammable). I also particular enjoyed their strawberry and basil infused vodka (which I chased with a Blueberry-Lavender Kombucha, and it sounded like a gross combination but I fell in love). Definitely try an infused gin/vodka with a flavoured tonic/kombucha; it's like a light, custom cocktail that's perfect for those of you that prefer DIY to premixes. Lastly, when you're ordering small plates, the Dandy Butterfly Prawns are a must. If you're in the mood for a pizza, well, you know nobody does it better than Fio (and I'm team Pepperoni all the way!).

    What Could Be Better

    I wish they had a little more indoor seating—there's a good chance you might not get a table.