Vintage Cars, Paisleys Or Rihanna: Dastkari Online Has A Cool Range Of Printing Blocks


If you’ve had the luxury of spending lazy afternoons painting, you’ll know how therapeutic it is. As we grew up, we developed a keen liking for attacking everything with carved wooden blocks. This is exactly why we’re calling Dastkari Online. To stock up on those wooden blocks in myriad designs and sizes to try them on dupattas, cushion covers, tees or anything {bed sheets and saris will have to wait till we’re feeling really patient}. 

Leave Your Stamp Everywhere

Having been around for almost 8 years, Dastkari is a small-scale business based out of Ghaziabad. They not just make their own blocks but export them and take orders for customised printing blocks too {Rihanna or Eiffel Tower? They’ll make those}

The many motifs on the blocks range from traditional mandalas and trees to zodiac signs and even women in Cinderella gowns. The skilled craftsmen at the shop have kept up with the changing trends and it’s pretty evident when we see that odd cute steam engine block {or mushroom ones} that’d look so cute on our PJs.

We’re loving the intricately carved birds and floral patterns that you must get if you’re looking at making a cool, DIY dupatta that’ll cost a fraction of the cost as it would if you picked it up from Kilol or FabIndia. The biggish Buddha and tree ones are great if you want to make an artsy wall hanging but aren’t great with the brush.

So, We're Saying...

Browse through their rudimentary website and you’ll realise that the venture is very old school. The site’s pretty basic {almost juvenile} but the offerings and variety are great if you’re hoping to spend a weekend at home doing something fun and creative. If you’re looking at a custom order, we hear Mr. Mahboob calls the shots here and is happy to take a brief from you.

We’re picking our favourites and a stamping spree is clearly in order for us. See you round the block?