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Here's A Pretty, Poolside Restaurant That's Perfect For A Date In This Amazing Weather

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Aqua at The Park Hotel is a lovely place to be at if you’re looking for a special, start-of-summer date. The poolside setting and perfect cocktails, combined with Mediterranean food make for a date that’s a spring night to remember.

By The Pool

The ambiance of this place will convince you that it truly was created to be enjoyed with someone special. The place isn’t just designed but crafted in a way that makes you feel like you’ve arrived at the most romantic summer spot in the city. The blue water, pool lounge chairs {where you can sit back with a drink} and dim lighting that makes the water sparkle will make you feel the summer love.

Make sure you get yourself an outdoor lounge bed {which is partially secluded, thanks to the beautiful white curtains that act as a canopy}. This is the kind of dreamy date that really makes for the perfect summer evening. Not to mention, the pool really helps calm down the scorching heat. If you both would like to dance a little after getting buzzed, we say you go during the night for some great music and more of a party vibe.

Dining With The Date

We love the fact that it isn’t just the ambiance but also the food and drinks here that add to the experience. They offer Continental, Italian and Mediterranean but it’s the flavours of the Mediterranean that really hit the spot {but also keep it light}. The shawarma and falafel here are a perfect balance of flavours {and a favourite with the regulars} but in case you guys are looking for just some snacking, get the Mezze platter for variety.

In terms of drinks, they have spirits from multiple brands, but we say that for this place, you ditch your regular and opt for their cocktails. They are famed to be mixed perfectly and sipping on them will induce the slow kind of buzz that would only enhance your summer date experience at this place. We’ve heard that the LIIT is the one cocktail that’s the winner.

So, We're Saying...

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean that you cannot go on an outdoor date. Pick a day and get ready to cool off with your special someone by the pool, with a drink in your hand.