Daulat Ki Chaat is a magical concoction that involves milk and cream {and if legend is to be believed, a full moon night}. The result is a light-as-air dish topped with kesar, khoya and sometimes nuts. Basically, it’s the closest you’ll come to feasting on a cloud.

If you’ve eaten this before, you know what we’re talking about. If you haven’t, you have the entire winter left to plan a trip to Chandni Chowk and get your hands on some.

Do Not Try This At Home…

IMG_8244Unless you come from a lineage of halwais and are privy to some ancient secret recipe we masses are deprived of.

The dish involves immense effort and expertise: Three-four hours of just churning milk, followed by leaving it outside all night in the presence of dew drops. Basically, we’re saying you’d be better off taking the metro to Old Delhi.

On Cloud 9?

Now that we’ve convinced you to take time off your busy schedule for a sweet treat, we might as well tell you where. You can either head to Dariba {this is the spot in Chandni Chowk where you’ll find a large cluster of silver jewellers} and try it at many of the thelas taking rounds or even to Paranthe Wali Galli.

Photos: Radhika Agarwal