If you like Pina Coladas, getting caught in a floral Hawaiian shirt…

You need to be at DCC’s Tropical fiesta! Yes, it’s back, it’s different and it’s bloody cool {this time, we’ll save you a lot of the effort and ask you to simply drink up}

Don’t you just luau the idea of a night on the town, drinking fruity cocktails with other awesome Dilliwaalas? Kick off your heels this Thursday evening, throw on your most colourful flip flops, and ditch the denim for linen pants or shorts. PCO’s resident {and LBB’s favourite} mixologist Arijit is reaping the fruits of the summer, and mixing them with all kinds of deliciousness.

The Plan | We’ll be exploring, and subsequently in taking, atleast 4 tropically inspired cocktails, including Missionary’s Downfall, Spiced Mai Tai, Zombies, and The Puki Puki Punch. Haven’t heard of some of these? Arijit’s going to take you through the drinks, and give you some fun facts about the origins of these cocktails, which might also shed some light on why these drinks have names like Puki Puki Punch.

This edition of the DCC comes with much hoopla; and also the kind you’re going to be using to ring our super sturdy cocktail glasses! Ring it within 3 tries, and the cocktail is yours to down! We’ve also got the choicest tracks from the tropics, so you can choose to get down and limbo, or get a handle on the workings of a Hoola Hoop. {Trust us, they’re not as easy as they look.}

With other surprises in store, this is one Delhi Cocktail Club you shore do not want to miss. The clock is Tiki{ng}. Sign up now!

Date | Thursday, 3rd July

Time | 7.30pm to 9.30pm

Venue | PCO

Charges | INR 2500 per person; INR 2200 per person for groups of 4 or more

What this includes | Four amazing cocktails, appetizers at PCO, a chance to get behind the bar, games and more.


{FOR CREDIT CARD/ DEBIT CARD/ NET BANKING}: Click https://getfbpay.in/DCCJulyTiki


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