Cotton, Silk Or Pashmina: These 2 Paharganj Stores Sell Scarves Starting At INR 70

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Paharganj has more to offer than just My Bar, leather goods and backpackers’ hostels. We found two shops in the area that only sell scarves starting at INR 70. From cotton, silk and different mixed fabrics to Pashmina, wool and georgette, you’ll find beautiful scarves in all textures and patterns at these two hidden gems. Love collecting scarves or looking for affordable gifting options? Paharganj has got you covered.

The Nameless Shop

Yep, the board outside this shop does not display a name {only orange-coloured boxes} and when we asked the shopkeeper for the name, he proudly claimed that theirs was the only shop in the entire Paharganj market that does not have one. Name or not, we’re more happy about what’s inside the store and we’re pretty sure that you won’t be disappointed either. You can buy bright-coloured pure cotton scarves here for INR 70, silk square scarves in floral patterns for INR 150, textured long cotton stoles starting at INR 100 and they even have summery scarves with tassles and beads. You’ll also find Pashmina stoles and light woolen mufflers. Early winter shopping anyone?

Varanasi Silk Emporium

This shop is slightly more fancy and sells scarves starting at INR 100. You’ll love their collection of printed cotton scarves that are super light and soft. Starting at INR 200, Varanasi Silk Emporium sells a vast variety of chic silk scarves in solid colours, shiny teal blues, floral prints, square scarves and so on. The starting price for their pashmina stoles is INR 1,000. You’ll be surprised to find that even during peak summers, they have a great range of light woollen mufflers and stoles. Since, layering is the way to go, the scarves here will definitely be an investment. Makes for a perfect gift too!