Defence Colony Social Keeps up with its HKV Sister

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Social brings its saucy, youthful energy to crumbling Defence Colony Market. Beleaguered by too many dive bars and staid eating options, this fantastically central market has been gently stewing in its own mediocrity for the past few years – Social may be the shot in the arm it’s been waiting for.

The Def Col version of the Social franchise continues the downtown industrial chic vibe of its predecessors.  Insouciant hashtags and cutesy fittings drop off the walls and pool around perfectly distressed furniture. Too damn cute by half, Social takes its target demographic of 18-24 very seriously.

The food follows the same trendy bordering on over styled theme with classics like the Moscow Mule repackaged as a “Deconstructed Moscow Mule” served in a copper mug emblazoned with “U.S.” Sometimes these guys have their tongue so firmly in cheek it’s a wonder they haven’t bored a hole through their face. Off the eclectic menu, I’ve always enjoyed the basic diner style options, the generous breakfast trays, burgers, hot dogs et al. In particular, I’d recommend the incredibly satisfying Kirans Big Apple Breakfast and the snappy Mexican Lamb Chilli Dawg (with cheese obvio) and an Oreo Mud Pot Shake to wash it all down.

For the adventurous, there are more frankensteinian options – I love the Anda Shammi S/W (a sheesh kebab ingeniously stuffed with mozzarella, served in a pav with a double fried egg) or crowd favorite Ramesh Suresh (deep fried 5 star fruit and nut bars with ice cream). The elaborate bar menu deserves its own review with a mindboggling number of options to get sozzled. I will say though that anyone trying the Longest Island Iced Tea should clear their next morning’s schedule.

Walk in for the snap, click and flash of young Delhi and bask in their reflected selfie glory. If you manage to find a seat, settle in and watch college kids bustle towards no particular end.

Where: 28 A, Defence Colony Market, Defence Colony

Contact: 01133105934

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