The DTC bus has saved us from getting stranded in the middle of nowhere multiple times, and we’re sure it will continue to do so in the future. So, here is a handy guide that’ll help you figure out the routes when in a dilemma.

In early 2015, Shimonti Saha, a textile artist and graphic designer, and Sudipto Ghosh, an architect and cartographer gave us a colour-coded map of Delhi’s DTC bus routes. The Wire did a story on them where they mentioned the methodology: “They tracked 100 of the most frequent Delhi Transport Corporation (DTC) routes– of over 550 –as well as metro lines and HOHO bus routes and laid them out on a flat line map of Delhi. The bus routes were chosen on the basis of frequency; any routes with buses more than 15 minutes apart were left out of the map.”

Delhi’s original bus routes were formed by superimposing an imaginary clock on to the city. “A bus with a number like 501 would tell you that the bus would go from the position of five to the position of one, and the zero in the middle would tell you that it goes via Central Secretariat or near about. This system has been diluted over time, but you can clearly see this in the map and we have tried to enhance and bring out this forgotten system,” Sudipto Ghosh told The Wire.

The easy to read map {with all routes intersecting at 90º and 45º angles}, reveals the ingenuity of the original bus route plan. It will soon be printed and sold at a nominal price so that commuters can easily go on their way, without the hassle of figuring out the route.

You can check out and use the map here. Check out the Delhi Bus Map initiative here. 

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