This Dehradun Cafe Is In A Quiet, Serene Corner & Has No Wifi So You Can Really Talk


    Alka, Kumud and Amita were all homemakers before they started Marigold Cafe, some six years back. With an intention to let people enjoy nature, they’ve ensured that there’s no wifi but only coffee and comforting food that keeps people going back. Needless to say, the views from here are beautiful beyond words.

    We Struck {Mari}gold

    If we had to describe the cafe in just one word, it’d have to be ‘unpretentious’. There’s no attempt whatsoever to hide its adorable, little imperfections or the occasional bumps on bare white walls. The tables wear floral covers and the choice of colours is more Rajasthan than Dehradun. Having said that, the beauty of the cafe actually lies in its rough edges and the fact that it’s one of the few places that still believe in making coffee without a machine {remember the way it was made at your grandparents, stirred vigorously in a glass?}.

    The women who run it focus on sourcing the freshest ingredients and make it pretty clear that they’re going for good ol’ ghar ka khaana feels. Alka’s house is also a stone’s throw away and they’re usually around to ensure that your coffee is as milky as strong as you like it or the music is in tune with the mood {bonus points for personal attention}. So, that extra helping of melting cheese or home-cut fries will remind you of your mum’s cooking. And if you’re still waiting for us to tell you our favourites, we’ll have to say the momos dunked in a homemade sauce, the chicken sandwich, the mixed sauce pasta and their thick shakes.

    If the cosy stone-walled setting and cute, colourful lights don’t look endearing to you, go here just for the hot chocolate or coffee. This one’s an ode to cafes that were ahead of their time when they cropped up {all brick walls and gravel paths and all} but have been forgotten in the light of trendier brands doing a more polished job of everything.

    We, however, will go if only to drink chocolate shake and eat fries as we look at the sunset.

    So, We're Saying...

    If you’re a regular road-tripper to Doon, you’ll know that there is now a whole crop of cool cafes in the hood but if you’re looking for a serene place with the side of nostalgia, head right over to Marigold.