Enjoy Soft, Pillowy And fresh Cinnamon rolls From Sin.a.bon!

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What stands out the most in this amazing new venture called Sin.a.bon is the camaraderie among the three friends who run it. Conceptualized by Shreya(Mumbai), an avid baker of all things good, SIN.A.BON was born when she realized how scrumptious home-baked cinnamon rolls are. The girls got brainstorming and came up with an array of flavours, to make these soft pillowy rolls more exciting. Aastha (Delhi) and Deepa (Pune) were quick to jump on the bandwagon and started baking these bon boxes of goodness. I recieved an assorted box from them and was quick to dig into the classic one (my favourite) with a cup of coffee. It was soft and pillowy, just like they'd suggested! We quite enjoyed the other flavours too, especially blueberry with its burst of berry goodness and lovely lilac colour.

They keep updating their menu so definitely stay on the lookout for new flavours!