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Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run

    Ride And Relax With Delhi Biker's Breakfast Run Community

    Aditya posted on 16 August

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    The Delhi Biker’s Breakfast Run is a community of bikers who regularly meet to go on breakfast runs, where they eat, laugh and make new friends.

    Who Are They?

    If you like motorcycles and food, look no further; we’ve found what you’re looking for. The Delhi Biker’s Breakfast Run {DBBR} community is a collection of enthusiastic bikers who meet one Saturday a month, and take a ride to the outskirts of the city in search of a dhaba or restaurant to grab some delicious breakfast.

    How Did It Happen?

    Started by biker Joshua John in 2009, DBBR was conceptualised when he started a family man and found he didn’t have time to take the long bike treks he had become so accustomed to. The turnout for the first event was an exciting surprise {with 40 riders}, and since then, the community hasn’t looked back; the Facebook group has over 6,000 members now.

    How It Works

    The group meets between five and six in the morning at a designated location in the city. They then ride {not race} out of Delhi together for a couple of hours, till they find the perfect spot. They aim to be back home by 11am, so the rest of your Saturday isn’t wasted in the process.

    One For All, And All For One

    The inter-club community is non-commercial. There is no fee involved; just a group of like-minded individuals getting together to spend a crisp Saturday morning motoring down the highway, searching for a hot meal.

    Their motto of ‘Ride, Respect, Relax’ applies to all; all two-wheel riders in and around the city are welcome to join.

    Stay tuned for more exciting deets about the Delhi Biker’s Breakfast Run – 6000 ride on Aug 27 to celebrate the community and all its members.

    Join their Facebook group here and follow their blog here.

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    Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run

    Community Groups

    Delhi Bikers Breakfast Run