Delhi Book Lovers Welcomes Anyone With An Opinion

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Delhi Book Lovers {DBL} is a book club that not only organises reading sessions, but also focuses on other facets like writing and discussion, through workshops and book launches.

How It All Began

Started in Mar 2012 by Kunal Gupta and Meenakshi Goyal, DBL, after three years, has become a forum where serious literature enthusiasts can read, write, discuss and most of all, express.

This is a group that has rounded up almost 3,000 members, and sees active participation by about 40 at any given event. The group involves itself in good old discussions at coffee shops, and also in New-Age creative workshops, taken by trained professionals.

How It Works

The mixed bag of 25 to 30 book lovers, ranging from students to working professionals, journalists to retired bureaucrats, get together to exchange views on a pre-picked book, for anywhere between two – three hours.

Mostly, events and book launches are sponsored by brands, are free of cost and open to all members, but some specialised creative courses and classes may be chargeable.

The members decide on and discuss any and every genre, but have so far stuck to only English and translated works.

What’s New?

Apart from scheduling meet-ups, DBL also facilitates book readings by bestselling authors, where every reader is encouraged to interact with the author openly. This is one of the few ways authors end up getting some incisive feedback from their audiences.

That apart, DBL has made itself an integral part of various literature fests in the country, such as Delhi and Kumaon Literature Festivals.

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