Words by: Charu

Ten-Second Takeaway

Dawat Xpress is a takeaway joint for yummy Mughlai food in Krishna Market, Kalkaji, serving really great Afghani chicken, tandoori chicken, lehsuni tikka, and, not to forget, rolls filled with your choice of chicken or paneer.

Who Is It For

If you’re driving around, it’s the perfect takeaway joint for tikkas and tandooris. It’s also a great place for students, as it’s pocket-friendly and delicious {the quantity is good too}.


260916_dawatexpress2_SGParantha rolls, Afghani chicken

How Was Your Experience?

The owner of this joint is an old gentleman who, no matter how he’s spoken to, never loses that beaming smile. Plus, they always get your order ready in no time.

#LBBTip: It’s jam packed in the evenings, but there is parking around the area, so plan your visit accordingly.

Photos: Sarang Gupta/LBB