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Our Favourite Self-Taught Chef Tells Us Her Go-To Snacks And We're Hungry AF!

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The world is divided into two kinds of people. There are those who find solace in cooking and then those who love to eat everything the first kind cooks. There's been a drastic shift in our eating habits because of a lot of external factors. We are more drawn towards conscious eating while also quitting binge-eating. Cut to 2021, healthy snacking is the trend du jour

I was fortunate enough to interact with Tanisha Mehra, a self-taught chef and founder of Food L'amour, and understand her tryst with food better. And boy am I glad I did! Tanisha believes in not-so-complicated, homemade recipes and cooks everything with perfection and lots of basil (woohoo). If you've come across her Instagram page, chances are you'll end up ordering something from her. She is nothing short of a magician in a chefs hat. But apart from cooking divine dishes on a daily basis, Tanisha loves gorging on snacks every once in a while. And snacking is something we strongly believe in. So, here's what she loves to snack on when she's not busy mastering meals at home. 

With valuable inputs from Tanisha Mehra, Food L'amour. 

To Be Honest (TBH)

To be honest, there's no such thing as too many snacks. To Be Honest has a wonderful range of healthy snacks in many different flavours. Made with vacuum-fried technology, these are great alternatives to those bags of unhealthy, fried chips that we dearly love. 

Tanisha's Pick: Crispy Beetroot Crunchies and Sweet Potato Chips  

Why Tanisha Loves This: I love how they are not deep-fried yet so crispy, seasoned with little salt and are not at all greasy, that’s the best part.


Brownsalt Bakery

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It's a universal truth that granola is healthy AND makes for an amazing snack. Mumbai-based artisan bakery, Brownsalt has got seven different kinds of granola mixes with some combinations like Nutella and Hazlenut Granola, Banana Bread Granola and more. 

Tanisha's Pick: Almond and Cranberry Granola

Why Tanisha Loves This: I like munching on granola. This is my guilt-free snacking. Honestly, it’s tasty and healthy.

Mr Makhana

Mr. Makhana

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Dense with nutrients and proteins, Foxnuts makes for great snacks. They're also a great source of calcium. If foxnuts are your go-to snacks then check out Mr Makhana, an online brand for many different flavours.

Tanisha's Pick: Piri Piri Paradise Roasted Makhana 

Why Tanisha Loves This: Peri-peri makhanas with chopped cucumber, tomatoes and little lemon juice, absolutely amazing and a perfect evening snack.

All Things Chocolate

Chocolate bars, drinking chocolate and a range of quality baking ingredients, All Things Chocolate is quite honestly the real deal. They've taken "Bean to Bar" to a whole other level with freshly procured ingredients and a great ratio of ethically sourced Cacao. 

Tanisha's Pick: All Things Barcelona (54% Belgian Dark Chocolate with Sangria)

Why Tanisha Loves This: All Things Barcelona is one of my favourite dark chocolate bars from All Things Chocolate. Everything is made from scratch and I love that about this brand. 

Also, dark chocolate with sangria, do I need to say anything about this combination?

Miam Patisserie

If you're in Delhi, you just cannot afford to miss out on Miam Patisserie and its delicious baked goods. Sugar-Free Belgian Chocolate Cake to Marble Cake with Dulce de Leche - Chef Bani Nanda has mastered the art of French Patisserie. Apart from cakes, one can also shop for croissants, cookies, and more.

Tanisha's Pick: Fennel And Sea Salt Crackers 

Why Tanisha Loves This: I enjoy these crackers with my Olives and Feta cheese or simply place them on my cheese platter.

Note: Miam delivers across Delhi NCR only. 

Big Fat Essentials

Big Fat Essentials delivers delish handmade dips, sauces, pizza essentials, cheese,  nut and gourmet butters, and many other gourmet essentials across Delhi. In addition to this, they also have some baked goods, beverages, frozen goods from awesome homegrown brands. 

Tanisha's Pick: Black Bean Chilli (whole black bean with Naga Chilli)

Why Tanisha Loves This: I absolutely love spicy food and nothing can beat a spicy dip with my Beetroot chips.

Note: They only deliver in Delhi NCR.