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Have You Checked Out Delhi's First Women's Theka?


    Big news! No more tucking those elbows in, manouevring through a crowd of men, or just asking a guy friend to bear it all for us.

    A liquor store in East Delhi’s Star City Mall has come up with an exclusive ladies-only zone. The store, which opened last year, created a safe space for women to buy their alcohol without being bothered by the teeming, shouting, usually drunk, mobs that crowd around most thekas in Delhi.

    Here, a patron can walk in, browse at her leisure, relax on one of the soft white sofas while waiting on a friend, and pay—all hassle free.

    Even with a female sales executive and female security guards adding to the women-friendly image, the store is yet to take off in terms of sales, but the owner, Rohit Arora, feels that is only because word has not spread yet. Arora already plans to open another such store {which he labels the first of its kind} in West Delhi.

    For more information, check out this Indian Express article here.