Delhi Women Swear By These 8 Boutique Aunties For All Things Indian & Western


    Knowledge is power, and nothing justifies this better than knowing that one tailor you can count on for everything – from an emergency farewell blouse to a full-on blingy outfit for your bestie’s mehendi. So, to make the search less miserable for those who aren’t armed with a trusted tailor, we prodded, pled, bribed and did everything we could to get women-in-the-know to spill the beans.

    Finally, meet these boutique aunties who come with a vote of confidence and have perfected everything from summer dresses to chiffon blouses and capes to cholis

    Disclaimer: We call these talented tailors ‘boutique aunties’ simply because it’s endearing. Some of them are actually avocado-eating-zumba-loving-20-something women who stitch young and sexy dresses {plunging necklines, hey} along with handloom dresses we’ve seen Indie brands sell for three times the price.

    Sapna In GK

    LBB’s social media whiz kid, Dakshee, wears the nicest summer maxis and we know of so many people who’d kill for her wardrobe. But she has one thing that no one else does – a tailor mum who loves combing the narrowest gullies in search of fabrics, trimmings and buttons. Meet Sapna Haryani. She stays in GK 1, N Block and has been running a home tailoring business for over 20 years.

    She’s the person to hit up if you have a clear enough idea of what you want. She’s imaginative enough to bring everything from a casual, office suit to a full-fledged bridal lehenga to life {she recently did one}. She’s also armed with enough photos from old clients to take you through how your outfit will turn out.

    What Sapna does well: Funky Nehru jackets, indo-western, maxi dresses and bridesmaids’ garments

    Prices: Casual suits at INR 2,000, classic blouses at INR 1,800 and cotton maxis at INR 2,200

    Uma's Boutique, Vaasas, In Dwarka


    Dwarka, Delhi

    Our home baker and dog lover friend from Dwarka, Ria, pointed us to Vaasas. It’s run by Uma and Siddharth, both of who come from the fashion industry. The boutique now has two store-cum-shops in the area. They have readymade Indian wear, including anarkalis, lehengas and shararas to pick up off the shelves, apart from the option of getting something completely customised. They stock up on fabrics to mix and match, and do everyday kurtas as well.

    See some of their designs on their Facebook page.

    What Vaasas does well: Ethnic wear and evening gowns

    Prices: Their readymade suits start at INR 7,000, while getting a basic one stitched with a pant/pallazo will be INR 750. A blouse {with lining} is INR about 1,000. 

    Malini's Creations In GK

    Malini Ahuja

    Greater Kailash - 1, Delhi

    Malini Ahuja is a GK-based boutique aunty we love for the sheer variety of outfits she’s executed to perfection. From those pristine, white Christian wedding gowns to pastel-coloured anarkalis, she’s been working with a gifted army of printers, karigars and tailors for almost 25 years. Walk into her space and you’ll be greeted with a rack loaded with Indian wear {lehengas, anarkalis, shararas and the like} and another one with casual and semi-casuals {think everyday kurtas and semi-stitched suits}. You can pick one of these readymade outfits, or get something completely customised.

    Fun fact: Karuna Ezara Parikh wore one of Malini’s stunning custom-made blouses.

    What Malini Does Well: Her blouses fit like a glove, her evening gowns are on-point and her white-on-white Lucknowi suits are a hit

    Prices: INR 5K for blouses, INR 18K onwards for stitched shararas and anarkalis and lehngas for INR 28,000 and upwards

    Kiran's Boutique, Kaarigari , In Faridabad

    Megha, a fitness trainer in her late 20s, whose futuristic, fusion-esque clothes have often been the talk of town on weddings let us in on her tailoring secrets. She makes a trek from Noida to Faridabad to Kaarigari Boutique because Kiran is the original scissor hands for her.

    Kaarigari has been around for more than a decade and Kiran, who runs it, also stays in the vicinity. She’s okay with making copycat outfits {start finding celebrity looks, now} and offbeat stuff like dhoti pants or pre-stitched saris as well. While she typically takes about a week or 10 days to deliver on stitched garments. This month, she’s swamped with trousseau orders and shaadi clothes, so, be prepared to wait a month before your clothes see the light of the day.

    What Kaarigiri does well: We love the summer dresses we see here

    Prices: A basic salwar suit will cost a mere INR 400, while a lehenga, depending on the amount of work it involves, can set you back by anything between INR 3,500 to 6,000.

    Aman In Noida

    Peplum tops with dhoti pants, capes, benarasi dresses, camouflage-print blouses, cocktail dresses… Aman really thinks out of the box. For more than 15 years, she’s  been successfully running her business from Jaipuria Plaza, Noida and a new branch in Sector 50 is will open sooner than you expect. She stocks up on fabrics like cotton, silks, khadi and more as well.

    P.S. She’s not into replicating designs at all. She is, however, great at recreating things that justify creative briefs to the ‘t’.

    What Aman does well: Occasion wear, Indo-Western fusion outfits. 

    Prices: INR 900 for a non-padded, beginner-level blouse and evening gowns starting at INR 5k

    Poonam's Boutique, Advitya, In Kamla Nagar

    One of the most convenient things about Poonam aunty’s boutique, Advitya, is that she delivers finished outfits home. If you’re more comfy with getting fabrics embroidered, beaded or sequined and getting them stitched closer home, Poonam {with her familiar Punjabi accent} is okay with that, too. She’s comfortable designing and executing gowns, suits, blouses and lehenga-choli.

    Got your measurements already? Just a few calls or Whatsapp messages can sort your next outfit with Poonam aunty. No need to navigate through lanes you’ve never heard of. Read more here.

    What Poonam does well: Coordinates on Whatsapp and saves you time and a trip, along with being great at ethnic clothes

    Prices: 25,000-30,000 for a lehenga and INR 2,500 onwards for a cotton suit

    Tarika & Neema's Boutique, Admire, In Rajouri Garden

    A colleague has been going to Admire, a salon-cum-boutique for years now and says she’s seen it grow from a tiny set-up to a big studio over the years. The biggest testimony to their designing and fit is that she says she’s never had to go back for a retrial. They stock up on an Indian ready-made range of suits, lehengas and more but our source tells us that they make copycat outfits really well. If you want something completely customised {embellished gowns included}, they’ll do that for you as well. 

    Added advantage: They have a salon for a complete day of shopping and indulgence.

    What Tarika & Neema do well: Ethnic outfits are really their forte, but they’re also comfy with no-fuss evening gowns

    Prices: The readymade suits start at INR 3k but if you’re getting one stitched for yourself, it could be anything above INR 1,400