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Delhi Zoo Gets Its Own Exclusive Butterfly Park

Kasturi posted on 26 April

While Delhi Zoo is abuzz with changes in preparation for the summer, with coolers for animals and water for the birds, there are also other significant changes that are slated for later this year.

The Delhi Zoo is home to around 1,300 fauna and even more flora, and, according to News18, a new butterfly park and many more exotic plants are set to be introduced to the premises very soon! Needless to say, we’re pretty excited.

According to zoo officials, who told News18, “A master plan is being discussed by the {Delhi zoo} board to revamp the place. We have a provision to keep over 2,000 animals, as well as accommodate 200 species. At present, we have 106 species of animals. We also have the provision to build an aquarium.”

The butterfly park will be a fabulous attraction for kids, as well as those looking for better infrastructure, as fruit trees and exotic plants are being brought on-board to give it a more ‘jungle-like’ feel. However that pans out, we still have plans to visit the zoo over this weekend, if the heat allows. Come?

Read the full report in News18 here.