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Delhi Zoo To Install Coolers And Sprinklers For Animals

Aditya posted on 22 April

The rising temperatures have helped Delhi Zoo authorities reach boiling point. In a move that we’re calling foresighted and awesome, the people in charge and powers that be have decided to move the zoo’s summer plans one month forward in an attempt to provide the animals in their care, with some much-needed respite.

The zoo, which opened its doors in 1959 and houses over 110 species, has a variety of animals from all over the world that would require special care in the intense Indian summer. Animals like the elephants, big felines and birds have to be under round-the-clock surveillance.

The Hindu reports that upgrades for the animals include sprinklers in the enclosures surrounding their private cages. Within the cages themselves, coolers will be installed to keep the creatures cool. The ventilators in all cages have been opened, and the water friendly areas and moats have been filled to the brim with water to let the animals take a refreshing dip.

Most of the animals have also been moved onto lighter diet plans.

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