Ten-Second Takeaway

Puppychino is here, and we can’t deal with how cute it is! We got in touch with Nayani and Mallika Tandon, who opened the cafe for dogs, cats and their hoomans, and then also turned it into a co-working space.


Image courtesy: Puppychino

Image courtesy: Puppychino

Puppychino never runs out of dogs, and we can’t think of anything better than that. There’s a dedicated dog space for them to play in, and a dedicated space for you to work in. That is, if you can get any work done with all that cuteness running around.

The best part: You never have to leave your dog behind when you have work to do. They also have dog boarding, so we suggest you go check them out fast!

Menu Mania

Image courtesy: Puppychino

Image courtesy: Puppychino

What’s on the menu you ask? Puppychino caters to doggies with a special dog food menu, including the cutest pancakes, muffins and whole meals.

Dog parents have their own pick of shakes, pizzas, pastas, mezze platters and more. They also stock doggy merch — think leashes, collars, treats, grooming tools, bows and bandanas.

We’re looking forward to making our way to this cafe for our BFF’s birthdays, too. They already have tons of bookings coming in, so make sure you dial ’em up in advance. Putting in their best efforts to decorate, bake a cake, arrange for return gifts and combo meal deals for other pup parents, this is a birthday your pooch deserves.

A Playful Lot

You can come here even if you don’t have a furry best friend. Come play with the official Puppychino mascots, Bobo and Bumper the Labradors, Simba the Husky and, of course, the other dogs at the cafe.

Featured photo courtesy: Puppychino