Delhi's First Polo Ralph Lauren Store Is Here!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Polo Ralph Lauren is the kind of iconic brand we all grew up coveting. For me, it's the memory of seeing that famous Polo horse on my grandfather's navy, collared t-shirt that brings back the most memories as I walk into the store. The freshly-launched space, that took up at DLF Emporio just last weekend, is Delhi's first Polo Ralph Lauren Store, and for luxe junkies that've been putting this on their 'bring home from foreign lands' list—no more. 

    The store, on the first floor of the mall, spans sweats, denim, knits, those classic collared tees, and much more. The clothes are quality personified, and you'll find them rife with crests and seals (the Polo way clearly doesn't age). On the luxury side of the spectrum, you'll find things priced lower than the average luxe bracket (tag hags, rejoice!). 

    The colours oscillate between being deep and decadent, or full and popping. If you're a woman strolling through the store, stroll directly to their sweater dresses and sharp jackets. Their Iconic collection (which you'll find to your right as you walk in) was by far the winner, in my opinion—a plethora of pretty hues mixed with tailored cuts and current silhouettes.

    Pro Tip

    You'll find some great stuff in the denim section