Such Joy! Meet The City’s First Dessert Parlour Making Rainbow Ice Cream Tacos

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No one does trends like Gurgaon, and their latest creation is Eyes On Ice’s ice cream in colourful tacos. This tiny newbie in Galleria Market is a sweet monster’s dream come true, with their shakes and hand-crafted ice cream rolls. Bonus: It promises a heady splash of colour on your Insta feed.

Life's On A Roll

Bhavesh had a boring finance job, but he didn’t want his life measured in excel sheets. He figured that if he did make a career change, it’d have to involve his first true love: Food. He decided to get another helping hand in the form of a business partner and Eyes On Ice was off to a rolling start.

They pride themselves on ice cream rolls, which honestly might not have the novelty quotient anymore but they are constantly experimenting with flavours. Their newest one is popcorn that comes with caramel popcorn sitting on cold hand-crafted ice cream rolls. Another one of their star performers is Ferrero Rocher with Nutella that goes by the name of Ferry Fancy.

Enough about the rolls. We are most intrigued by the waffle tacos that come in every possible colour. We can’t tell you how much our Instagram is waiting to meet the purple one in person, or to get a glimpse of the Blueberry Waffle that’s actually electric blue in colour.

The sweet news doesn’t end here. Eyes on Ice also does a bunch of them crazy freakshakes {Oreo and Kit Kat included} and waffles {OMG, loving the Strawberry Chocolate & Apple Cinnamon}. Or, stay boring {erm, safe} with the thick shakes.

So, We're Saying...

The names of their ice creams deserve a special mention. They’ve gone all out with KatleAam {mango and banana caramel} and Modern Savitri {anjeer, cashews and raisins}.

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P.S. If you’re close to Galleria, they deliver via Swiggy and Zomato.