Desserts At 9, Biryani At 79: Try New Things Daily At This Crave Party

    Priya posted on 01 October

    What Is It?

    If you don’t know about Foodpanda’s new offers, then you certainly live under a rock. The food delivering app is offering desserts at INR 9, snacks at INR 19 & delicious biryani at INR 79. So, no matter what you are craving, the Foodpanda Crave Party will take care of it. That means, your midnight munchies, your cheat days, your 4pm hunger—everything will be taken care of. Celebrate your love for food with the new offers, challenge your friends to dessert-offs, or eat a new kind of biryani every day.

    Who Is It For?

    Everyone! Either you live to eat or eat to live, but food is important (Food Is BAE).

    Anything Else?

    Remember all times you said no to ordering out with your friends because you were broke? Or the times you did not want to try something new. It is time to embrace the new! Party the heck out of this Crave Party because you know you deserve all the indulgence you can get.

    Keep the love for food shining bright! Indulge the craving.

    P.S.—The Crave Party is on till November so that is almost 2 months of legit good food.

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