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#DetailsMatter: We Bring To You Five Trailblazers from Different Fields Who Will Inspire You!


‘Pay attention to details or the smallest details matter’ are some of the common sentences we often get to hear. Since childhood, we’ve been taught to take care of the minutest details which help us in a long way. Toshiba is one such brand that believes in this philosophy and creates appliances with the utmost attention. Their new campaign #DetailsMatter celebrates all those for whom the tiniest aspects make a difference. The same dedication is reflected in their range of appliances with each minute detail being paid attention to. Read on to know about five such trailblazers from different fields who will certainly inspire you!

Makeup Artist Savleen Manchanda

Savleen Manchanda is a popular name among the Delhi (and Mumbai) wedding circle! A graduate of Pearl Academy, her talent is ensuring that each and every bride looks stunning and ethereal on her big day! Known as the make-up artist for the Kapoor sisters and other Bollywood celebrities, #DetailsMatter the most to this wonder-woman! One wrong eyeshadow or a cakey makeup can either make or break this makeup whiz’s career!  Follow her on Instagram and see the magic she creates!  One of her major beauty mantra is to always wash your face with RO water  + UV Water. Toshiba's Water Purifier is designed to keep water fresh and safe for drinking. Toshiba's Water Purifier is designed to keep water fresh and safe for drinking and even better.

Chef Bani Nanda, Founder/Chef of Miam Patisserie

The Dessert Queen of Delhi, Chef Bani Nanda created a ruckus with her scrumptious sweet treats. The founder of Miam Patisserie is a visionary, pastry queen, and dog lover. Bani’s desserts are truly a work of art and she’s bold and unapologetic when it comes to experimenting for her cakes and macaroons. Experimenting with desserts can be a very risky business which is why #DetailsMatter to this Dessert Queen! A wrong sprinkle or bad egg can go either way for a dessert. One of the key ingredients to the success of this dessert queen is to always have the right appliances such as a good refrigerator. Toshiba's range of refrigerators has a huge variety such as Two doors, multi doors, and so much more. It keeps the contents fresh and safe, not to mention hygienic. It keeps the contents fresh and safe, not to mention hygienic. Something that Chef Bani requires more than her daily dose of sweets. Follow her on Instagram because her creations are truly out of a Parisian fairytale! 

Zunaili Malik, Fashion Stylist at Cosmopolitan

Zunaili Malik is a force to reckon with! She’s made a true mark for herself in the fashion and styling industry post her graduation from Lady Shri Ram College. She follows her heart when it comes to style and fashion, not to forget she’s one of the main forces behind Cosmopolitan’s monthly covers. She’s one of the most well-known stylists of Cosmopolitan magazine and is not scared to take risks. From earrings to the colour of a jacket to the pocket-handkerchief being worn by a specific celebrity, Zunaili has made it clear that no matter what #DetailsMatter! Follow her on Instagram to see the sheer talent and hard work she puts in her work! 

Photographer Aman Chotani

Professional Lifestyle and Travel Photographer Aman Chotani fell in love with the camera after he completed his Masters in Photography from South Africa. He started his career with National Geographic Magazine, there was no stopping him! He began venturing out into the world documenting travel, culture, and life. He eventually moved back to New Delhi and set up his own company, Aman Chotani Photography! The one thing that stands out in Aman Chotani’s incredible photographs is his immense attention to details from the saadhu’s piercing eyes to the perfect colours of the sky in the Taj Mahal landscape proving that #DetailsMatter! Follow him on Instagram and check out his site to take a world tour just by browsing his incredible artwork!

Amrita Thakur, Creative Head of Amrita Thakur

Amrita Thakur started her journey by blogging and soon her Instagram community saw a growth when she started uploading her styling videos where she spoke about the collection she has curated and owned over the years as well as how one can combine different styles. She defines her style as individualistic, versatile and effortless. And that's exactly what her videos are all about. There's a personal element to it because everything she puts out are the things she owns and loves, and has collected over the years. That's why it has such a strong connect with so many women.As a designer, Amrita Thakur pays attention to the minutest details that makes her outfit stand out on their own. Her opinion and belief that #DetailsMatter is what has kept her a recurring presence on Lakme Fashion Week ramps! Follow her on Instagram and see the exquisite collections! One of Amrita's life hacks is to ensure her designs remain clean and always fresh. This why we feel Toshiba's range of Washing Machines is the perfect fit for Amrita as they ensure complete cleaning and leave your clothes smelling as fresh as a daisy.   

Unmukt Chand, Cricketer

The leader of the U-19 India team in the World Cup of 2012, Unmukt Chand is slowly becoming the Virat Kohli for Under-19 Cricket. At the age of 26, he has already played at various levels including India Under 19, India A, IPL and so much more. A stellar batsman, he is going on to bigger and better things by becoming the captain of Uttarakhand State Team. He attributes Delhi, dedication, and improving his form via the smallest details. #DetailsMatter for sure to him as only by focussing on the minutest aspects of his form and performance was he able to become an inspiration to many aspiring cricketers! 

Wait for a second while we finish marveling at these incredible people’s journeys! In each journey, we notice that only by paying attention to the details did these people achieve great heights! Toshiba’s campaign #DetailsMatter ensures that no matter how small or big, details play a huge part in everyone’s journey. And, by keeping this philosophy alive, they are creating innovative and advanced appliances.Each appliance in the range has been made with impeccable attention to details such as a UV Last point purification in the water purifier to kill 99.99% of microbes, color alive feature in front load washing machine to protect fabric colors and door shower cooling in their 2 Door Refrigerators for faster cooling of door pockets.  Check out the Brand film here to understand more about Toshiba’s #DetailsMatter campaign.