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Check Out These 5 Dhabas Around Sonipat For The Best Parathas

    Feeling hungry in or around Sonipat or travelling on NH1? Try these desi, highway dhabas for quick service, mouth-watering, North Indian food that is easy on the pocket and oh-so-satisfying!

    Amrik Sukhdev

    One of the more famous dhabas on the list, Amrik Sukhdev is almost a landmark that has had a steady stream of patrons visiting it for years now.  Now a swanky restaurant, this dhaba started out small and attracted visitors from all over the country with its delicious buttery paranthas to make the name it has today.

    This dhaba offers both indoor and outdoor seating and the service is super quick (although, it may get crowded sometimes, but trust us, it'll be manageable). FYI, paranthas and chai make a great combo so, don't forget to try their chai for the perfect meal. Also, don't worry about parking space.

    Bollywood Dhaba

    As the name suggests, the dhaba is themed after the great Indian cinema industry. Popular in the area, this dhaba does not see an empty moment at any time of the day.

    Gulshan Dhaba

    Want some quick service and some great Punjabi food? Head to Murthal’s Gulshan dhaba and treat yourself to these ghee filled dishes to satisfy you for days! With traditional home-made butter, this is another place known for its huge range of appetising parathas and refreshing lassi.

    Jhilmil Dhaba

    Another very famous dhaba on this route is the Jhilmil Dhaba. It boasts of excellent quality of food and service and is frequented primarily by travellers crossing the area who swear by the delicious North Indian food served here.

    No.1 Ahuja Dhaba

    One of the oldest stops on the list, this dhaba has consistently maintained the quality of its food, attracting hungry travellers in hordes. Gobhi parathas and piping hot chai is what this place is known for and it delivers them in all their buttery, sweet glory.