Ten Second Takeaway

Amidst the packed streets of Paharganj stands a nondescript, almost unnoticeable cafe that goes by the name Dhanyavad; the menu consists of a range of Korean fare at prices that don’t pinch much.


Dolsotbibimbab {Hot Pot}, Sushi


Fresh juice


For their sleek shiny chopsticks in a chrome finish, and super-friendly service; you can even go dine by yourself and they’ll make small talk with you and make sure you don’t feel like forever alone guy

Nothing fishy about this place

3You may feel slightly apprehensive ordering sushi in a place like Paharganj, but the confident smiles from the staff will put you at ease. Whereas we’re used to paying a bomb for the fish and rice rolls at high-end restaurants, we ended up shelling out peanuts {a mere INR 280} for a big platter of 12 pieces.

They’re not too big on variety, but as we dipped the perfectly rolled sushi into the soya sauce, we couldn’t find anything to complain about, even though the customary wasabi was missing.

Rice and shine

Post the sushi, head for their combo meal section to really do this place justice. There are options like Buffalo with Rice and Sauce, Pork and Vegetables and the one we zeroed in on – the Dolsotbibimbab. Our meal was served piping hot in a stone pot; a mix of sticky rice, vegetables and chicken {you have to request for this} served with a side of a thick chilli sauce {you have to pour this into your bowl as per your preference and mix it up}.

The flavours are bound to hit your sweet spot, and if not, you can always add the complimentary spicy pickled cucumber or Kimchi to it.

Good food and the uber-friendly staff are bound to make you bookmark this place for future lunches.

PS: They also do a beautiful pork barbeque done in Korean spices and glazed in a chilli sauce, which is a great option for larger groups.

Where: 4744, Main Bazaar Paharganj

Nearest Metro Station: Ramakrishna Ashram Marg

Contact: 011 23586821

Price: INR 900 for two {approx.}

Timings: 8am – 12am

Find them on Facebook here.