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You'll Find These Handcrafted Beauties In Dilli Haat Only Till Jan 15

Editors posted on 5th January

We've never really needed a reason to visit Dilli Haat, especially on a cold winter afternoon. But bring the Dastkari Haat Crafts Bazaar here and we're soon planning our days around it. And that's exacly what we did, but gave ourselves a mission: To only pick up things we would otherwise not find in Dilli Haat.

Dupattas, kettles, papier-mache, candle-holders, and paintings – we found a whole lot of awesomeness. See for yourself.

Juttis Of Every Kind


Why: It celebrates mojri obsession like none other. Whether you like it flashy or understated, there’ll always be a pair too many you’d want to pick up. Think colour, leather, pompoms, fringe, embroidery and everything Fizzy Goblet-esque.

Where: The first big shop on the right just as you enter

Price: INR 550 for fringed kohlapuris

Papier-Mache Animals


Why: We’ve seen papier mache pen stands, lamps, artefacts and more but these painted animals {a polka dotted cow?!} are next level adorable – the perfect marriage of traditions with contemporary quirk.

Where: Stall No. 21

Price: INR 1,500 per piece

Wrap Skirts


Why: They’re a refreshing change to our winter wardrobe that’s jeans/leggings dominated at the moment. The many colours range from bright to earthy and we think it’s perfect to team them with your boots and oversized cardigans.

Where: Stall No. 132

Price: INR 750

Bluestone Pottery


Why: It’s rugged, handcrafted and made using natural colours. A small family based out of east Delhi makes these stone artefacts that create a sea of blue and are impossible to miss.

We’ve never seen beauty like this before {so a set of two cups and a teapot followed us home}.

Price: INR 150 for a small cup

Tea-Light Holders


Why: Delicately cut and filled with the brightest neon colours, this is one stall that puts the sassiest of rave parties to shame. Check out the many tea light holders that come in varied shapes and sizes.

Where: Stall No. S 23

Price: INR 150 for a small holder

Persian Calligraphy Corner


Why: Always wanted to see how your name would look in Persian? Ali Kheiri, pouring meditatively over blank canvases will make this happen for you. Bragging rights all yours…

Where: Stall No. 97

Price: Starting INR 250

Kalamkari-Ikat Dupattas


Why: We know we’re falling hard when Kalamkari and ikat come together. These beauties will be a great addition to your ethnic wear.

Where: Stall No. 106

Price: INR 1,200

Pattachitra Tees And Artwork


Why: The rich storytelling tradition of West Bengal, Pattachitra, comes alive on plain tees and canvases of all sizes. These make for unique gifts too.

Where: Stall No. H-1

Price: INR 250 for a small painting

Hand-Painted Kettles


Why: Hailing from Raghurajpur village in Odisha, Apindra Swain takes the Pattachitra artform and transforms regular household items such as kettles, trays, and chests into stunning showpieces.

Where: Stall No. 20

Price: INR 900 for a small kettle

Photos and recommendation by Ipsita Nayak and Rene Verma/LBB

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