Unless you arrange an enormous picnic for yourself, dining surrounded by nature as opposed to concrete is hard to come by. That’s what Roots – Cafe in the Park kept in mind when they created their establishment, and we’re willing to put money on that.

Surrounded by greenery and open on three sides, Roots sits in the middle of a park, as is easy to gauge by their name. They have an indoor and an outdoor seating section; you can pick and choose as per the weather. We’re definitely bookmarking this for a rainy day {literally}, while we sip on their nimbu pani or filter coffee.

In terms of eats, they have great options for breakfast, from the Railway Masala Omlette to the Moong Dal Chilla, to their sandwiches. The offerings are fairly simple, but well done. Head here on a Sunday morning when you don’t feel like eating at home, and we’re sure you’ll leave feeling satiated. Their Jal Jeera is refreshing on a hot summer day. Plus point – if you have children, they can enjoy the expanse the park has to offer; say goodbye to restlessness, as your kids can literally run around and play while the food is in the works.

They rely on solar energy for their operations, so you know you’re doing the environment some good as well. The coolers they have in their indoor area will keep you feeling more than pleasant. As you can imagine, winter outings here will be wonderful, so outdoor seating is best left to those months.

Where: Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park, Leisure Valley, Sector 29, Gurgaon

Contact: 0124 2574616/+91 8800772611

Price for two: INR 750 {approx.}

Follow them for regular updates on their Facebook page here.


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