Dumping Old Furniture? Let Mishtoo Create Something New From It Instead

    What Makes It Awesome

    MishtooMade is a brand that designs and creates custom-made furniture. The brand is a brainchild of Sulakshana, a self-taught carpenter who believes in taking old wooden things (that people believe are trash) and giving them a new lease of life. 

    For Sulakshana, every project is a process that she gets very intimately involved with. She loves working with people’s stories and their memories about the pieces they want refurbished. Her focus throughout the transformational journey is on design and she makes sure that the final product is satisfying for both her client and herself. Typically, she could take up to a month to deliver the finished product (counting from the time of consultation). She’s open to letting people have a definitive say in how they want something to be upcycled. 

    When she’s not working on individual projects, she starts creating wooden pieces (everything from frames and lamps to tables) of her own. To give you an idea, we found side tables priced around INR 7,000 as well as some beautiful armchairs for INR 15,000 each.

    So, let's start shopping?


    She is back in action and is pretty much active on Facebook so, check her page (MishtooMade) and contact her for more info.