Discover Authentic Sikkimese & Nepalese Cuisine At Nimtho

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What Makes It Awesome

Nimtho is tucked in Pamposh Enclave, one of the unexplored corners of Greater Kailash 1.

Nimtho serves no alcohol but it still manages to be a pure delight. It is adorned with wicker furniture, handmade woven baskets and art pieces from Sikkim. The staff is courteous, polite, warm and very welcoming. I was served complimentary spicy fried peanuts and soybeans, and I ordered Wai Wai Sadheko, Buckwheat Buff Dumplings, Nepalese Pork thali and Organic Sikkimese Green tea. I enjoyed every bit of the food I had ordered.

Wai Wai Sadheko, a very popular Nepalese snack, was fresh, crunchy and spicy.

The Buckwheat Buff Dumplings were served with a generous portion of soup, which was mildly salty and garnished with green onions, and three different sauces - coriander, red chilly eze and a yellow sauce, which I guess was yogurt mixed with tandoori spices.

I have had thakalis before at various places but, this was something on a completely different level. It came with black lentils, sauted vegetables, wilted spinach leaves, butter squash fried with sesame seeds, cottage cheese and herbs, Pork curry, fried and crunchy moong beans, salad, papadum and pickles.

I finished my meal with Sikrani, a traditional Nepalese yogurt dessert, which was just divine. It was sprinkled with pomegranate seeds and a hint of cinnamon.

Nimtho is more than an eatery serving authentic Nepalese and Sikkimese food. Dining here is an experience in itself.

Anything Else?

A meal for two {without alcohol} will cost around INR 2,000.