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Your Way To Healthy Skin Is A Simple Step Away With Essential Oils

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Divine Urja

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What Makes It Awesome

You'll know just how fast seasons change, so does my skin; it goes insanely dry during the winter month and an oily mess in the summer and, only for a rare blessed week, it's amazing in transitional weather. I'm just a skincare obsessed girl trying to make that one week of perfect skin into a year-long thing so I had to try out essential oils and here's what I found. 

Divine Urja's an online brand that does a ton of essential oils that can be used for aromatherapy and not just for skincare purposes but they also help hair, digestion and dealing with stress or anxiety. The lavender oil helps reduce wrinkles and also help calm the minds. Rose oil helps dry skin and is a mood booster that even stimulates blood circulation. Tea tree oil helps with acne scars, hairfall and, not to get weird, but you could even make natural cleaning products for your home with it. 

Other than these more popular oils, they've also got peppermint, sweet basil, orange and sandalwood oil. If you've got some digestive issues, check out the sweet basil!

Price: INR 240 upwards for a bottle, depending on the oil.


If you're new to essential oils or have sensitive skin, dilute the oil with some coconut oil just so it's gentle on your skin.