Into DIY Crafts? Crafter’s Corner Will Make You Lose It

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Are you that kid who made windmills and solar cookers without adult intervention, or someone the arts and craft teacher loved? We’ve found a piece of paradise for you.

You’ll Be Glued For Hours

When you have lots of free time {the endless choice here will make life a bit difficult}, check out Crafter’s Corner that stocks ammunition for the craziest, most ambitious summer project you can think of. From super glues to fake grass, and stencils to buttons and potent cutting machines to liquid pearls, this is the country’s largest wholesale paper-crafts store.

It stocks a list of crafts supplies across more than 50 categories. You’ll need patience to sift through an exhaustive variety of everything; they have adhesives, envelopes, buttons, cut-outs, clay kits, inks, tolls, jewels, fabric flowers, glitters, planners, papers, bows, quilling materials, embossing folders and so much more.

It sells online, has free shipping and accepts cash on delivery, too! We are chuffed.

Cut Out The Lethargy

It’s difficult to ignore a good-looking pen or a drawer full of post-its, but every once in a while, you want to attempt something bigger than just mindless doodling. For all those times when you have cushions to paint, a scrapbook you’re hoping to restore or a jewellery box idea you’re finally ready to execute, don’t forget to drop by Crafter’s Corner.