Leave No Pet Behind: Chill At These 10 Dog-Friendly Cafes In Delhi & Gurgaon

    Don’t like leaving your pup and going out? We feel you. We’ve rounded up some dog cafes in Delhi and Gurgaon which allow both you and your doggo to sit, chill and maybe have a meal.


    Puppychino is targeted towards the doggies. They have a play area with plenty of toys and treats, merch for sale and separate menus for humans and dogs. Latest on their menu: Dog Beer.

    They also have free Wi-Fi in case you want to make this your temporary workspace (with doge, of course).

    Miam x Big Fat Sandwich x Blue Tokai

    One of the coolest cafes in town, these guys are offering us kickass sandwiches, freshly brewed coffee, yummy macarons, Wi-Fi and a chance to step out for a meal with our pets. If you’re lucky, you may get to meet the resident doggy, Zoey. Don’t forget to say wuff from us.

    They currently offer water and shredded bread to your pets and Chef Bani Nanda is working on a recipe for fresh cookies for doggies.

    Barks & Meows

    Barks and Meows is a cafe where you can find a large playground with outdoor furniture for your dogs and cats to play around. Both you and your pets can grab a quick bite as they even have a separate menu for pets (it's all made from fresh produce sourced locally).

    That’s not all, your fur ball can enjoy a splash in the swimming pool along with the boarding facilities available here wherein the temperature is controlled for both the indoor and outdoor area for each pet. You can even get your feline friends to the cattery. 

    And, if you are looking at boarding, day boarding, basic grooming, pet travel and organizing your pet’s birthday or even your own birthday party, you can easily rely on the good folks at Barks and Meows. You can also be a part of the parties that they organise here like a pet pool party, comedy evening with your pets, music night with your pet and so much more!

    Blue Tokai

    We absolutely love Blue Tokai’s small outdoor area and we’re sure your doggy will too (as long as the sun isn’t shining too bright). Indulge in delicious coffee, fresh croissants, and of course, don't forget to take some meaty snacks along for you doggo to have a bite on.

    Soul Garden

    Cafe Soul Garden

    DLF Phase - 4, Gurgaon

    Cafe Soul Garden is many things. You can grab a meal, work on their free Wi-Fi and also spend some quality time with your pet. They’re happy to give your dogs water and even serve them meals, but you’ll have to bring their lunch with you.

    Throttle Shottle

    A biker’s cafe. Throttle Shottle has an in-house chef who is trained to cook for dogs. So, based on your pet’s preference (vegetarian or non-vegetarian), the chef will whip up a soup or a meal in a bowl.

    Roots- Cafe In The Park

    This cafe has a beautiful outdoor area where you can sit and chill with your dog. They don’t have a special menu as such, but are happy to prepare boiled eggs and omelettes for the furry ones.

    Off The Leash

    Off The Leash is a dog cafe and park in Gurgaon which has plenty of greens for your doggos to loll around in, a small pool, services and activities to keep them engaged and of course, plenty of food. It’s the perfect spot to head if you’re looking to get in some bonding time with your furry baby.

    Cafe Dori

    Cafe Dori

    Chhattarpur, Delhi

    This cute European cafe has a spacious outdoor area, which we’re sure you and your dog will love. This dog friendly cafe has the prettiest decor and delicous food. Dig into their scrumptious breakfast options and spend some quality time with your pooch here.



    Chanakyapuri, Delhi

    If you’re stepping out for a quick milkshake and a portion of Zucchini Fries in the evening, choose Diggin. And yes, you can take your pup along too, but only if you’re going to be sitting outside.