5 Dog Grooming Parlours in the Capital

    Delhi peeps, get your pooches ready for some serious pampering. From aromatherapy baths, leisurely blow dries, massages, to manicures, and even perming, you can now sign up your pets for a session of grooming and relaxation at one of these doggy parlours. Because, why should humans have all the fun?

    Scoopy Scrub

    One of the first dog salons to emerge in the city, Scoopy Scrub offers a variety of services including an aroma therapy bath, joint pain massage, haircuts, and even hair colouring. They have outlets scattered all across Delhi.

    Where: For a complete list of stores, click here.

    For more details, visit their website here.

    Red Paws Pet Spa

    Next time you’re heading to HKV to catch up with friends; take your furry friend along. Whilst you chug and munch, he/she can get that overdue bath. Red Paws also offers styling services.

    For regular updates, follow their Facebook page here.

    Pooch Mates


    Available Online

    If you like to bathe your dog yourself but just don’t have the space to do so, Pooch Mates offers the perfect solution. You can use their tubs and equipment for a small fee. Alternatively, you can of course always enroll your dog for some professional grooming here {this includes, bath, brushing, tidying up, nail trimming etc}. You can also ask them to give your pooch a pawdicure {dipping the paws in water with special tablets to give the paws a new sheen}.

    For regular updates, follow their Facebook page here.

    Pet Lover’s Hut

    Pet Lover Hut

    Chhattarpur, Delhi

    These guys have a large area dedicated to training, grooming and boarding for dogs. They provide basic services such as hair brushing, nail clipping, bathing, ear care and hair trimming. You can even get your little puppies without fearing; the folk at Pet Lover’s hut use different products on the sensitive little guys.

    For regular updates, follow their Facebook page here.

    Chester’s Pet Shop and Spa

    This one’s a pet shop too, selling quite the variety of dog food, accessories, toys, apparel and medicines. They do a basic bath and hair cutting for both puppies and dogs of all breeds.

    For regular updates, follow their Facebook page here.