How Facebook Community 'Dogs Day Out' is Giving Your Pets a Place to Socialise

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We have a special place in our hearts, for people who take the time out to do something for animals. Especially if it’s a pooch. Pooches win it all.

Two dog lovers with an active social circle asked this question – where do their four legged friends hang out? Neighbourhoods and residential associations don’t demarcate spaces for animals, and unless you’re fortunate to have yourself a sprawling garden, chances are your pooch spends his time running around your dining table. So, they changed it.

Started in 2012, as more of a ‘let’s get our dogs together’ event listing space, Dogs Day Out has since grown considerably, and become a forum or community for people to post pictures of dogs up for adoption or dogs being ill treated, ask for vet advice, and to address pet related problems and grievances. They asked a fellow dog lover, kennel, and sprawling farm owner if they could use his space to let their dogs socialize and get together. An answer in the affirmative, and you got yourself a Dogs Day Out. Where things stand now? The community has since transformed; it’s grown to 2500 members, but it still attempts to host at least two events a month. Think open spaces, between 40 and 50 dogs of all shapes, sizes, temperaments and breeds, coming together for one giant pooch party. We wanted to take our resident Boxer dog, but were hesitant about potential fights. What were we told? “You’d be surprised as to how well all these dogs get along; so far, we haven’t had any blood baths’. So, as we attempt to convince our puppy to think beyond his pet circle, and make new friends {you know how cliquey Delhi can get}, you should sign up, gather your pet, and make a day of it. Ask to join the group, participate in pet related discussions, and stay updated with events, here.