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Does Domino’s New Burger-Pizza Prove We Can’t Have Everything?

Apoorva posted on 01 November

Ten-Second Takeaway

Domino’s has launched a burger-pizza combination {available at all national outlets and for online ordering} that promises to deliver the best of both worlds.

So We Ordered It…

Ah, Domino’s; making our guilt-ridden weekend cravings take pie-shaped form since, well, forever. When we saw the original tweet from Dominos India announcing the launch of the burger-pizza, we felt patriotic. Finally, we were ahead of the food-meets-food-to-make-new-food curve; the burger-pizza is available exclusively in India.

The burger-pizza is available in four variations, two vegetarian and two non-vegetarian, so obviously we ordered all four, for the sake of scientific research {obviously}. The two in each category are called Burger-Pizza and Burger-Pizza Supreme. The difference is basically more of the same; more vegetables, or more chicken.

Things The Burger-Pizza Tastes Like

The ‘burger’ our moms make at home when they don’t want us to eat the real deal; laden with chunks of tomato, pickles, cheese and sauce.

Things The Burger-Pizza Doesn’t Taste Like

A pizza, or a burger. Call us purists, but a pizza needs a crust, and a burger needs a patty. In trying to create the best of both worlds, we fear the burger-pizza lost what made both so beloved.

So We’re Saying…

We are long-time Domino’s fans, standing staunchly by them even as other ‘fans’ abandoned them for newer, flashier pizzas. Heck, we even have the mobile app to make pizza ordering on the go a possibility. But we have to say that the burger-pizza is more a sandwich than anything else. Maybe you’re a sandwich aficionado? Then this might be the wrongly-named fast food item for you.

Caveat: A vegetarian colleague also tried the vegetarian version and said she loved it, but on further probing admitted she was extremely hungry when she ate it, so that might have messed up the gastronomic objectivity we approached this with {we were full, and merely greedy}. Two other colleagues also claimed to be fans, but admitted that they would pick a pizza over this any day. For once, the parts were greater than their sum.

Order the burger-pizza if you love sandwiches, or miss mom. Otherwise, beat a hasty retreat to your old favourites, whether it be the garlic bread or the Golden Delight. Sometimes, the grass ain’t greener.

The burger-pizza can be ordered online on their website here.

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