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Don’t Worry, Be Happy: Explore Singledom with Happy Tribe

Kasturi posted on 26th January

Ten-Second Takeaway

Happy Tribe brings together people from all walks of life, those who have recently been through the mental trauma of losing a spouse, and gives them the support of community and companionship.

Date, age, relationship no bar

Often, a marriage is not just two people coming together, but entire systems enmeshing to form a whole, functional unit. And that is why the end of a marriage can break down your entire support system. Be it a separation, divorce or even, death, Happy Tribe is a community of people who have come together to help others through the trauma of this separation.

They are not a dating or matrimonial service, but are a medium to ensure that your social life remains intact post-separation.

Fun, frivolous, family

With a focus on fun activities, Happy Tribe brings together a group of people in similar situations, who help each other through these fragile times. The community understands that pity or sympathy often doesn’t work, and empathy will often serve as a better instrument to rehabilitation and socialising. These are the friends you can catch up with for coffee without having to clear assumptions, or having to face judgement.

Screening in the right ones

Happy Tribe organises picnics, parties, travelling groups and even paintballing, we hear. They are a 600-heavy group of fun-loving parents and singles who have rediscovered a support system and rebuilt lives for themselves and their kids.

Mayank Jain founded Happy Tribe in March 2014, starting with 18 members in Delhi and is now also present in Mumbai and Bangalore. The community usually receives around 200 requests per month, and through a strict screening process only 20 are taken aboard as members.

Contact: +91 995 3323 047, +91 995 8777 347

Check out their website here. Follow their Facebook page here.