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Drawing Inspiration: Artists Across India To Keep An Eye On

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As Junta, an artist network in the city, we recommend checking out these emerging artists from around the country. Each one has a unique style and technique in capturing emotions and portraits. Follow their work; we think these guys are going places!

Tarini Sethi

She’s a Delhi-based artist, very young, and has already developed a strong style. She makes the most intriguing portraits that make you want to stare, yet feel uncomfortable. She’s working on an exhibition which will most likely happen in Delhi at the end of the year. It’s refreshing to see someone producing stuff that isn’t all about how pretty or aesthetically pleasing it looks. Currently, she’s making a series called Enemy – Friend – Lover where her close friends are her muses.

Follow Tarini’s work on Facebook here.

Tosha Jagad

An illustrator and graphic designer based in Mumbai, Tosha has a minimal drawing style that we love. She makes bold, colourful portraits, and was recently selected to be one of the designers on Taxi Fabric. Like many other young artists today, she has many talents including making sculptures and pottery.

Find Tosha’s work here.

Rahul Datta

Rahul is mostly known for his filmmaking, and his company is called Starving Artist Films. We recently bumped into him and he showed us the pen drawings he has been making, and they’re great. He uses a super fine drawing pen to patiently conjure up some really fun and surreal drawings. He’s just started focusing on his art and we think he’s going to be making some fun work in the coming months.

Follow Rahul’s work on Facebook here.

Sadhna Prasad

Graphic designer and illustrator, she was one of the people selected for the Road Trip Experience, and created striking artwork from her adventures. Her work is a slice of her imaginary colourful world, where moments are converted into feelings and visuals. She currently lives in Bangalore and is actively engaged in community art projects too.

Follow Sadhna’s work here.

Gaurvi Sharma

She is a wonderful, whimsical collage artist based in Delhi and has showcased her work in Dubai, Japan and Hong Kong. When you meet her, she comes across as a simple girl, but looking at her artwork one can immediately tell the complexities of her wandering mind. She has documented her emotions, her good times, her depression, through layered self portraits.

Follow Gaurvi’s work on Facebook here.