Tsos Chicken, Talumein Soup & More: Get Amazing Asian Cuisine Delivered Home!

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What Makes It Awesome

The whole quarantine situation compelled us to put on our aprons and cook food we'd otherwise never imagine we could (for some of us at least). Making a meal chart, planning what to eat for dinner while preparing lunch and hunting down recipes on Instagram can be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting. That's precisely why it's time for us to take a break and order some comfort Chinese food from Drums Of Heaven (yes, they're delivering!). Because nothing fixes a mood better than a bowl of soupy noodles and some wine.

This popular Chinese joint in South Delhi is serving amazing delicacies for those of us who haven't yet mastered Asian cuisine in our kitchens. Everything from a Chicken Red Curry With Bamboo Shoot to a bowl of Phanang with peanuts is a gush of different flavours. Their menu contains a wide (see for yourself) range of Thai, Chinese, & other Asian cuisines. If you're a fan of dim sums, then Drums Of Heaven's dim sums are to die for and we're not exaggerating. Whether it's the classic Asian Potstickers or the Spicy Lamb Dumplings, they're bound to leave your tastebuds dancing. You can also get your fix of greens from their divine vegetable curries like the Thai Style Vegetables with Kaffir Lime that comes in a sweet-sour syrup. And if you're not willing to experiment much, you can order those classic Pad Thai and Garlic Noodles mixed with either chicken or oriental vegetables. These guys have aced their menu by serving some delightful seafood as well. Like the Tangy Lemon Chilli Sole, Golden Fried Prawns and more. Sounds cool, doesn't it? We bet it tastes super too! 

Price: INR 196 onwards 

What Could Be Better

While this place is a meat eater's delight, we wish they'd include more options for their vegetarian counterparts. 


Drums Of Heaven is delivering during the Covid-19 lockdown. But don't worry because they're following safe delivery practices and are also conducting regular temperature checks at their outlets.