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Durjoy Dutta Tells Us About His 5 Favourite Reading Spots In The City

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Delhi is a beautiful mix of warmth and comfort, with charming nooks and an endearing old-world vibe. And sometimes, we prefer escaping, into the pages of a book that transports us into a world unlike our own. And if you’re seeking solace in the written word too, head to one of author Durjoy Dutta’s favourite cafes and catch up on some reading.

Cha Bar

A favourite of Dutta’s, Cha Bar combines the allure of a bookstore with a love for coffee. Grab a book, have a seat and read while munching away of a sandwich or dessert of your choice. Friendly and cheerful, the vibe of the Cha Bar is the perfect place to dive into a new book and read away till the cafe closes at 9.30pm! Ask him why he keeps reading? Because it boosts his creativity and inspires him to write. Aspiring writers, we hope you’re listening!


Rose Cafe

There’s something about Rose Cafe that is so tempting. With a range of coffees, a seriously kickass mint lemonade, good food and yummy desserts on offer – this is one for those who want to cocoon themselves in comfort and happiness. Head here with your favourite book, and you’ll never want to leave behind their beautiful pastel interiors.

Mad Teapot Cafe, The Wishing Chair

A strong Enid Blyton vibe beckons you the moment you enter the winsome cafe at The Wishing Chair. With enchanting decor items, this cafe is a memorable ode to your childhood of loving magical creatures. Their delectable potato skins {which come loaded with mouthwatering sour cream and mushrooms} to their hot chocolate and cold coffee, this cafe will soothe you into the latest bestseller.

Blue Tokai

A favourite among coffee addicts {and for good reason}, Blue Tokai wins for its cosy ambience, great range of brews and a variety of flavours. Head here with the book that’s been long pending on your reading list and slip away into a different world. Try their French toast for a sugar rush in between pages, and you’ll feel like staying here forever.

#LBBTip: This can be a tricky reading spot to find, so make sure you check with locals in the area on the location. Or like Durjoy believes, getting lost is a good way to  get inspired. All of it lends itself into an experience you can use as inspiration. So even if you lose your way, you will eventually find yourself in one of the best coffee spots in the city.

Another Fine Day

All-day breakfast, board games, Wi-Fi and books? Another Fine Day is Durjoy Dutta’s favourite spot in Gurgaon for comfort food and to get some reading done too. Budget-friendly, they have a range of delish omelettes. Top it off with some delicious milkshakes and you’ll go home happy.

Wondering what to read at these spots? Pick up Durjoy Dutta’s latest book – The Boy Who Loved, and ensconce yourself in love, friendship and loss. A two-part romance that’s both warm and edgy,  you’ll be waiting for the second part with bated breath for sure!