Early Foods- Yummy & Healthy Ready To Eat Mix For Toddlers!

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Early Foods

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What Makes It Awesome?

This brand, Early Food was started by a Mom ( Shalini Santosh) when she became a mother. She found a critical gap in searching wholesome and nutritious cereal for her own child.

Most of the cereals available in the market were full of preservatives, salt and only rice and wheat cereal instead of superfoods such as millets, dry fruits, seeds etc which are the heritage of India. That's when she decided to start a brand where she could give parents and children nutritious meals made of ingredients like millets, ragi, bajra, jowar that were once a part of traditional recipes from grandmothers kitchens.

Another USP of this brand is they use 100% whole grain flour, cow butter , jaggery and dates as sweeteners in their millets to power up the nutritional value. That means their products have NO refined flour, or processed sugar, baking powder, artificial sweetener etc. Isn’t that awesome!!!!!!

Coming to the products, these are few of the ones which I liked-
Ragi choco Jaggery cookies: These cookies are so healthy for kids to snack, made of ragi and chocolate with jaggery as a sweetener. It’s healthy, wholesome and so nutritious,

Whole wheat teething sticks: These are great with flavour of ajwain and jeera, with no maida or baking powder.

Bajra and pumpkin porridge mix: Iron-rich porridge mix, so healthy and full of nutrition, gets ready within 5 minutes for quick breakfast.

There are many more products which are listed on their website

So mothers or moms to be, make healthy food choices for your kids and yourself. Early food is the best solution for this.