Unhealthy Snacking Habit? Time To Go Green and Healthy With This Online Organic Food Store

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    What Makes It Awesome

    After a long tiring day, an unhealthy packet of chips has always been our go-to snack. It's time to consciously replace that with healthier and tastier snacking options and Earthy Tales is where we should start. This online delivery store will motivate you to consume freshly produced products straight from the farms at a reasonable price. 

    If you're someone who likes to eat dry fruits and crispy seeds in between your meals then you can order sun-dried cranberries, common fig (anjeer) and apricots from Earthy Tales. Once you add these to your bowl of cereals or oats, there is no going back. And if you want something with a little more flavour, then you can go for the spicy chana jor garam or crunchy bajra masala which are perfectly dry roasted. Not just that you can also get all the natural ingredients you'd need to make your own snacks like ragi oats and cookies.

    You can also get your supply of farm-fresh vegetables, fruits and other groceries from Earthy Tales. Everything is organically grown in their farms, right from the strawberries in their jams to the dry seeds. 

    What Could Be Better

    We love to see them come out with more options for snacks. 


    They are currently delivering in Delhi and you can place your orders online through their website or call on their number +91-7703904097.

      Available Online