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Eat As Much As You Like At The BBQ Company Gurugram!


    Whether you're a foodie or not, there's no denying that Gurgaon is a foodie paradise, and having a buffet eatery in heaven is something past words

    The Barbeque Company, a live flame broil and smorgasbord eatery, serving foods from over the globe, is a much adored restaurant in Delhi NCR.

    The eatery chose having tasteful insides to oblige the extravagant vibe. It is roomy and bright adding exuberance to the eatery's climate. The BBQ Company has warm lighting and incredibly comfortable seating giving the guests a nood for light and loosening up night.

    Adjacent to its energetic vibe and eye getting insides, BBQ Company is known for its authentic, succulent and drool worthy  dishes. The place is an ideal spot for your family dinner or a casual date indeed! It offers its clients a wide menu with assortment of cooking styles going from Indian to Chinese. It offers new dishes generally dependent on Indian Cuisine by mising it with occasional client inclinations to make another dish.

    The BBQ Company has an extravagant bar offering you a wide scope of mocktails to browse. Live Grill installed in each table empowers the clients to encounter the glow of a grill party directly at their table.

    The BBQ Company is a live grill restaurant where you barbecue your food, the way you like it! Just as you visit the spot you will yourself experience the brand's witticism is 'Eat As Much As You Like'