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Eat At Park Street Without Going To Kolkata With Rolls From This Delivery Place

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The Indian culinary landscape is so hard to map, apart from regional cuisine, the sub cultures vary from village to village and every town has its own essence. When we consider Bengali food for instance, we think of Kosha Mangsho, Shukto, Daab Chingri and more but that's just scratching the surface of a food culture. Like the Chinese food of Calcutta, the immigrants from decades ago who brought their food with them and over time allowed it to blend with local ingredients and palates. Cultures that opened little food joints that went on to become an inherent part of eating out and one such area is Park Street. Dotted with iconic landmarks, it's best known for the restaurants there, from a hole in the wall to nightlife hubs, this is where good food lives.

Now you can order Park Street food across Delhi/NCR from a delivery service of the same name, based out of Delhi. The food is hearty, wholesome and very well priced so a binge is always on the cards. Essentially a selection of rolls and biryanis, they also keep coming up with seasonal specials which I always hope stay on the menu for good because I am yet to have an ordinary meal from Park Street. Between vegetarian and non vegetarian there are 18 rolls to choose from which includes healthy options as well. I personally loved the Achari Paneer Roll and the Egg Mutton Roll, soft fluffy roti and ample filling makes it more than a meal. Then come the biryanis, 9 delicious preps, from Jackfruit, which mimics mutton perfectly to fish and prawn as well but our family staple has got to be the Handi Shahi Nizami Subz and Handi Mutton where you can choose between on the bone or boneless. Though I suggest you start with the street foods as starters, don't miss the Puchkas and the Tangra Style Chilli Paneer, if you prefer meaty options then there is the Kosha Mangsho Bao, best of two worlds and the Bacon Bread Chop with imly chutney, now this is fusion I love. For your next meal from Park Street you can go in for the curries and breads, don't miss Prawn Malai Curry and Martaban Mutton and pair it with Khameeri naans. This is the season to binge and this is the place to binge from!