Eat Without Guilt At Capri Wings

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What Makes It Awesome?

Italian food is amazing, and beloved the world over. From hearty spaghetti drowned in a rich tomato and olive sauces to comforting lasagna, tiramisu with that scrumptious kick of coffee and creamy carbonara, there is something to suit everyone here. And that is before we have even addressed the issue of "where to find good Italian food"? If you have recently asked yourself where to find the most scrumptious Italian food in Delhi, then you have come to just the right place.

Capri Wings, a delivery outlet located in one of the poshest locations in the city, is the home to scrumptious Italian dishes right from the suburbs of Italy. Just a bite of literally anything on the menu will transport you to Italy and in no time you will be romancing with your food in the streets of Italy. Capri Wings does not only takes the responsibility to serve you the best Italian you’ll ever have but also take a pledge to serve you healthy food.

For starters, the cheese is used in the dishes is low fat which means you don't have to think twice before you opt for a cheesy dish or extra cheese on your pizza. Capri Wings ensures you enjoy your food with the least guilt. Not just that, everything is cooked to order. There isn't anything that is cooked beforehand and heated before serving it. Capri not only cares about its customers but also the environment. The boxes and packagings they use to pack food is 100% Eco friendly. They use bagasse containers which keeps your food fresh and safe and also helps in contributing to the environment.

Now you know where to satiate your Italian cravings from so what are you waiting for? Open your food delivery app and order from Capri Wings right away