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Schezwan Pasta, Pizza Cones & Fab Service at ECHOES

Navni posted on 11 February


ECHOES is a cafe in the crowded Satyaniketan market and is always bustling with students. They offer pasta, pizza, grills, Chinese snacks, sandwiches and wraps, and it’s all served by staff completely made up of differently-abled peeps.


Schezwan Pasta, Ramble On


Strawberry Lemonade, Non Wine Sangria


For completely hassle-free service by differently-abled staff. They have ordering pads where you write down the code of your dish, the quantity, any customisation preferences, tear it off and hand it to your server. You can also call for him by pressing a button next to your table, which lights a coloured bulb near the counter.

If you want to further communicate, they have a stack of cards handy on each table with common requests such as ‘water’, ‘bill’, ‘call the manager’, ‘fork’, ‘spoon’ and the most important one: ‘Thank you.’

Enter through the wooden blue door

The entrance to the cafe is marked by a single blue door on the first floor. The interiors are a mix of things: White brick walls played off with motivational posters on one wall, the alphabet sign language on another and a melange of colourful bricks on the third.

It is a small space, but done up well with both high and low seating and plenty of happy colours. There’s lots of wood, giving it a hilly sort of feel. If you fancy a smoke, head straight to the back to their cutesy tiny balcony overlooking the market.

Chicken run

Being primarily a student haunt, ECHOES has kept its menu pretty simple with the usual pasta, pizza, wraps etc. However, we did come across some unique dishes, the Schezwan Pasta being one of them- penne topped with a Schezwan sauce infused with veggies and small chunks of chicken.

The Ramble On, a layered bread-y chicken dish was the clear winner on our table. You could also try the Pizza Cones {they’re  exactly what they sound like}; however keep in mind that the pizza base has been folded and is hence pretty thick- we felt it tasted a bit undercooked.

For dessert, look no further than the waffles. The portions are great. And if you’re feeling thirsty, the Strawberry Lemonade with just a hint of masala would be our personal pick. Or the Non-Wine Sangria if you like it sweet.


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locationSatya Niketan

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Casual Dining
locationSatya Niketan