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Edible Charcoal Kebabs? You Have To Try These 5 Crazy Dishes In Gurgaon

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Ten-Second Takeaway

After scouring the menus of most restaurants in Gurgaon, here are five unusual, wacky, off-beat dishes that are worth trying – if only in the name of modern cuisine.

Black Brioche Of Misfits - Whisky Samba

Over 300 whisky labels and a bar that looks like it belongs to a hipster restaurant in New York, Whisky Samba is the current ‘it’ place in Gurgaon. A place you can eat at, drink at and party at, all in one! Speaking of eat, this is where you can score the Black Brioche of Misfits, a black brioche bun with a lamb patty inside, topped with bacon, mushroom relish and a fried egg!

Edible Charcoal - Molecule

Check out Edible Charcoal at Molecule and confuse all your senses! What you see is a ‘lump’ of charcoal but you’ll be biting into Molecule’s version of dahi kebabs {coated with activated charcoal} served with tomato chutney powder which looks like lava ash.

Signature Karari Roti - The Wine Company

The first brand in Gurgaon that was based on a spirit, The Wine Company continues to be our go-to place to enjoy wines at amazing prices. The menu here is perfectly paired with their wines, but it’s their iconic Signature Karari Roti that we cannot get enough of. Essentially, this is a wok-sized ‘khakra’ style crispy roti that you can pick at for close to an hour, while you sip on endless glasses of wine!

Chhole Kulcha Doughnut - Prankster

Known for their progressive take on Indian food, this restaurant doubles as a nightclub and bar during the evenings. One of their signature dishes is the Chhole Kulcha Doughnut. With the texture and integrity of a doughnut, the first bite is full of the flavour of chhola kulchas, typical Purani Dilli style. The filling takes you back to the bylanes of old Delhi, but what you’re looking at is essentially a modern day ‘doughnut’!

Lukmi - Ministry Of Beer

Ever tried Hyderabad’s famous puffed bread Lukmi? The version at Ministry of Beer, Lukmi with a filling of Rahra Mutton {mutton cooked with keema and spices and then tossed in honey chilli sauce, is divine.