Eggers Madhouse Gives An Egg-Static Twist To Your Daily Meal

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For those who love eggs and don’t really want to wait till the evening for the Eggjactly food truck in Gurgaon, this quaint little joint offers a vast egg-based menu.

Chow Down

Egg Chomu, Madomlette

Sip On

K’offee Khalifa, Makhtoom Zaffrani Chai

Winning For

There is much that can go wrong when it comes to egg-based preparations, but Eggers Madhouse has a knack of turning simple egg dishes into irresistible food porn. The food is well cooked, flavours are balanced and frankly, we love that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket.

Lowdown On The Ambience

There isn’t much to say about the ambience here, since the place is done up in a food court sort of way, but who cares if you’re going to be tripping on the insane dishes, right?

What’s On the Menu?

The menu offers an impressive variety of egg dishes, with classics such as omelettes, boiled eggs and the Egg Palti {which is basically the sunny side up}, and interesting fusion recipes like the Egg Chomu, Bombay Masala Bhurji, Egg Shawarma and Sebastian Egg Nachos.

You can also find various vegetarian options, egg-based desserts and can even custom-make a footlong at the live Teppanyaki Footlong section. The Makhtoom Zaffrani Chai and K’offee Khalifa are our favourites in the beverage section.

So, We’re Thinking…

If eggs for you, are what cookies are for the cookie monster, then this place is definitely worth a try. It is the perfect place to give yourself a yummy protein boost after an intense work out or to just grab before you head out for the daily grind.


The joint specialises in eggs, so we would recommend not going there specifically for the vegetarian menu.