Rely On EggOn For Mess-Free Breakfast & More

Great For

What Makes It Awesome

EggOn is a great product for those looking for an easy keep of egg whites. I liked the fact that EggOn was odourless, contained no preservatives and was quite pleasing to taste. Also, it is a great pick for everyone who wishes to extract and keep the goodness egg whites for long.

What Could Be Better?

The product should come with a brief instruction that guides people on how to use EggOn for different purposes.

What's My Pro Tip?

If you are using EggOn to make an omelette, consider cooking it around for 30 seconds more than the usual in order to get rid of water-like texture. You can also use EggOn to make cakes and whiskey sour or simply use it as a hair mask.

Anything Else?

EggOn is easily available at Big Basket. You can also find it at Needs, Modern Bazaar, and Le Marche outlets.