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Trousseau Treasures| Ekaya Weighs in on 11 Must-Have Weaves

Editors posted on 23rd February

Ten-Second Takeaway

As women, we’ve come to accept {rather willingly}, that a trousseau comprises either 11 or 21 heirloom, rich, traditional and perennial accessories and apparel. These weaves are more symbolic and a rite of passage than being for show and tell purposes {unless you take the Punj in Punjabi very seriously}, and who better to guide us on weaves and tradition than the textile experts themselves, Ekaya. The Ekaya signature is a seamless union of a timeless love for saris, and the unique craftsmanship behind it. Here, they weigh in on 11 must haves for a bridal trousseau.


Although Ekaya’s relationship with Banaras runs deep, they also specialise in a host of rich, traditional silks. Paithani, a rendition of silk, is originally from Aurangabad, where it is woven by hand. Crafted from uber fine silk, it is considered one of the richest saris in Maharashtra. Characterised by borders of an oblique square design, and a pallu adorning peacocks, consider this textile to define what heirlooms are made of.

Benarasi Textile Lehenga

Rooted in Banaras’ rich textile heritage, Ekaya effortlessly integrates the age old art textile art form with a more contemporary aesthetic, to cater to the modern bride. Their ties with Banaras go back three generations, and trust them when they say each creation is traditional, authentically crafted and yet appealing to a more contemporary palate. They offer a range of needle-craft embroidered, intricate Banarasi bridal lehengas. 

Real Zari Silk Benarasi Sari

Adding to their repertoire of Silks, Ekaya also works extensively with real zari, incorporating weaves and patterns of tanchoi, jamdani, khaki, cutwork and meenakari, to produce saris that display a near revivalism and sustenance of ancient art and textile craft.


We have Rekha to thank for the glorification of this weave; if only we could all look like her. Distinguished by wide contrast borders, the Kanjivaram {also knows as Kanchipuram} is woven naturally, protected by a geographical indication label, and is made of heavy silk and gold cloth. PS: Save it for a special occasion.

Anupama Dayal for Ekaya Sari

Eclectic prints, pop colours and novel silhouettes lady Anupama Dayal herself, has done a special line for Ekaya, inspired by Vatsayana’s Kamasutra. According to her, the Kamasutra is a celebration for pleasure filled living, and what better way to start off married life {clothes and pleasure}. The line is rooted in tradition, but comtemporised for today’s bride.


The traditional art of weaving Jamdani has been declared as a Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, just to give you an idea of its value as a weave. It is one of the finest muslin textiles of Bengal, a woven fabric in cotton, and can be either figured or flowered.

Uppada from Andhra Pradesh

Uppada Saris are made from silk and boast unique designs and patterns. You will also find Uppada handlooms made in cotton warm and wept, in case your trousseau needs to be tropical climate appropriate.

Abraham & Thakore for Ekaya

Anyone who knows  Abraham and Thakore’s knows their almost revivalist, and sustained dedication to Indian textiles. They’ve done a collection of exclusive new designs of saris in the finest Benarasi weaves for Ekaya, creating a perfect synergy between two power packed design houses. Enough to make it an heirloom? We think so.

Kashmiri Embroidered Shawl

Chain stitch embroidery and the finest shawls have a long standing association with Kashmir, and any bride worth her Polki knows the importance of owning at least one finely crafted shawl. Ekaya does a line of embroidered shawls, making them pieces to invest in.

Patan Patola

There’s been a lot of designers experimenting with this weave, and contextualising it to modern times. Patola from Patan in North Gujarat is a double ikat woven silk sari, once worn only by royalty, thus preserving its status as a highly revered and valued textile.

P.S: Let Ekaya make your work a little easier since you’re probably planning a wedding; they also specialise in trousseau packaging, and will do customised orders for bespoke pieces, woven on pre-order.

Price: Brocades start at INR 10,000, silks and tussars at INR 7,000, real Zari at INR 40,000, and speciality saris at INR 40,000

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