El Diablo's Doing Hot Sauces In So Many Interesting Flavours


These are the fiery hot sauces you’ve been waiting for. El Diablo has dished out seven vibrant handcrafted beauties that go from slightly sizzling to smoking hot.

Saucy Love

What are the most gorgeously chunky fries, a juicy as hell burger or your favourite aloo toasties without that perfect teekha sauce? If like us, you seek to make everything a spicy affair, the folks at El Diablo have heard you. They have come with unusual flavours such as cranberry-infused Bhoot Jolokia and Smoked Green Chilli. 

Fire In The Belly

We love that El Diablo isn’t all heat and smoke, but also plays with other flavours. Our love for the tang helps The Chilimon get immediate cred; with its citrus-y lemon and orange bounce, this works well as a salad dressing, for our grilled veggies and to baste seafood.

The Mango Garlic is delicious! Medium hot but so summery, this is great to drizzle over mashed potatoes or boiled corn.

Our beach bum selves fall head over heels with the Pineapple Chili Punch- chilli, ginger and pineapple. Yum.

So, We're Saying...

We are a bit cautious about the Ghost Chilli variants, but the kind folks behind all this hotness {husband and wife duo, Nikhil Kutty and Tanya Nambiar} tell us how to play these- just a wee bit mixed into the humble dal-chawal-dahi combo.

All sauces retail at INR 100 for a bottle, except the Handle With Caution Bhoot Jolakia ones- which come for INR 150.

Order online or write to info@eldiablosauces.com.